10 October, 2011

Poetry Competition Announcement: UNODA Poetry for Peace contest

I've only discovered this poetry competition now. There are four days for entry and voting. Please read the announcement below:
A social media Poetry for Peace contest is being held from 15th September - 14th October to share messages of peace.

Many atomic bomb survivors, called HIBAKUSHA (hi-ba-coo-sha), have dedicated their lives to peace. Although the average hibakusha is now 73 years old, they continue to work for nuclear disarmament by sharing, their first-hand accounts of the horrific effects of nuclear weapons. Take this valuable opportunity to listen to hibakusha testimonies and participate in the "Poetry for Peace" contest.

What is the "Poetry for Peace" contest?

This poetry contest is a platform to share your thoughts and feelings about the hibakusha testimonies. In their own voices, hibakusha have recorded their testimonies for you and future generations to hear. To take part in the contest, follow the simple steps below:
  1. Listen to a hibakusha story:
  2. Based on the account you heard, share your feelings through verse. It can be a haiku, a sonnet, or anything in between.
  3. Submit your poem for peace via email sent to unoda-web@un.org with "Poems for Peace" in the subject line. Selected poems will be posted on the UN website, with links to those poems on the International Day of Peace Facebook Page.
  4. Visit the posted poems through the International Day of Peace Facebook Page and vote by clicking "like" next to the poems that move you.
THREE winners will be selected among those with the most "likes" by a panel of judges from the United Nations and the Japanese Government. Their names will be read out in a commemorative event during Disarmament Week in October 2011. They will also be announced on the Facebook page and on the UN website.

Good luck to all who  intend to enter.


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